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Westberry Dance Studio

Ballet Tap Jazz Character Dance Team
Instructor:  Shannon Imbery, Aberdeen Studio Location:  Basement of Strand Theatre
Interested in taking dance classes, visit or call the studio phone 1-605-380-1822
All About Dance
Pre-School Dance Age 4 These classes are especially designed to create an interest in dance, develop rhythm and to teach the necessity of cooperation.  Tap Dancing  Gain exposure to both contemporary and classical tap rhythms.  A variety of music is utilized.  Tap dancing begins at the 1st grade level and is included with ballet as a combination class through 6th grade.  Students in 7th and higher grades are placed into tap/broadway character classes which are separate from ballet classes.

Pre-Ballet  Classes for preschool/Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students.  Pre-ballet classes prepare children for classical training which begins at the age of 8.  Music visualization is stressed along with rhythmic development and coordination.  Tap dancing is included in the 1st and 2nd grade classes.  
Ballet   Classical ballet technique training begins at the age of 8, with an emphasis on line, posture, control and execution.  Ballet is taught through both barre adn centre work. Variations of all techniques of ballet are taught, as well as terminology, choreography and repertoire. Additionally, students are exposed to modern styling, and work toward excellence in performance quality.

Jazz / Dance Team  Contemporary jazz styles are taught including classical jazz, urban/funk, lyrical jazz and hip hop.  Technique work is the foundation of each class.  Every class includes warm ups, technique across the floor work and a dance combination.  Dance team is a dynamic class that focuses on precision, projecting energy and entertaining a crowd.  Routines will be taught as well as the technical basis needed for dance teams.
Modern Dance This contemporary dance technique explores the balance between contraction and release, tension, personal expression and the use of breath in movement.  Modern dance has an energy that radiates from the dancer's center and dictates the power behine the movement.
Schedule and Attendance Policy
School Term:  Classes begin in September (after Labor Day) and are based on the nine months of the school year.  Most months will have four lessons.  Some months may have five lessons, while others may have three lessons.  At the end of the year, students will complete 34 lessons.  The recital performance is considered the 34th week.  Recitals are usually held the last week in May or first week of June. Vacation Schedule:  Christmas, Spring Break, Easter

*Note:  Vacation Schedule does not always coincide with the school vacation schedule.
Inclement Weather:  If school is dismissed due to weather, no classes will be held that day.  Make-up days will be scheduled by the teacher. Class Attendance:  Attending class regularly is important to any program in order to learn properly.  If you miss class due to an illness, make-up classes may be arranged.  No refunds are given for classes missed.  However, the student will be encouraged to attend another class to make-up for the missed class.  We do expect to be notified if a student is going to be absent from class.

We do encourage that missed lessons are made up within a week to 10 days, to ensure consistent strength.  Please note that absences after March 1st jeopardize the quality of the dance recital numbers.  Please make every effort to maintain 90 percent attendance in your registered class to participate in the recital; this especially pertains to grades 3 and above.
Disciplinary Policy:  We reserve the right to dismiss any student who is or becomes a discipline problem.