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The Strand Theatre

Was closed for RENOVATIONS during the Month of August 2006 

Wall that shortens the theatre to its original size. Completed framing of the new wall. Sheet rock is going up. Sheet rock is completed and insulation being placed inside the new screen wall.

New screen wall completed. Priming the new screen wall. Priming complete and lights installed. Painting new screen wall, black.

Building the panel frames on side walls.  One panel, half insulated  Side wall panel, with speaker box for surround sound. Completed front insulated side panel.  Will be covered with black pleated fabric.

Pleated blue fabric in center of
side wall panels.
Completed look of blue
fabric centers
Framing front wall for
new movie screen.
Nearly finished with the frame for the new movie screen.

New Movie Screen in place and installing black fabric side panel. Finishing last few burgundy panels on each side of the
blue center panels.
New "used" chairs installed.  ALL with cup holders.  Rows were
also placed three feet apart
for more leg room.
Installing rigging for the heavy door curtains.

Hanging of the heavy door curtains. New curtains to block the light
and keep out noise from
the concession stand.
Volunteers on scaffolding, installing new lighted, quiet ceiling fans. New Screen installed, fabric in place, seats installed, new lighting and nearly ready for the movie.

Completed Theatre Completed Theatre Wall from the back side, big plans ahead for this room. Storage room behind the new wall, many stacked theatre chairs and old movie screen on stage.

Concessions BEFORE Renovations Concession in the process of Renovations Concessions BEFORE Renovations New floor in the concession stand and awaiting the new cupboards.

New Pop Machine New Pop Machine ready for installation and
New cupboards installed.
Concessions AFTER Removations Concessions AFTER Renovations

Front Entrance - Movie Posters Ticket Booth
1915 "Opening Night" Theatre picture enlarged and
hanging on back wall.
1920's basement "pool hall" picture hanging in door way
to the basement.